Recording Session:

Time recording in my studio with me working hand in hand with you as both engineer and producer

$80 for a four hour block

Or alternatively $25/hr


With both a live room large enough for drums, and a control room prepped for tracking smaller instruments and vocals.

Production / Songwriting:

Writing music with/for you.

Varies from project to project. But I'm willing and able to write music for projects whether it be full songs, sections or additive parts.


Mix downs of all tracks into a professional sounding, coherent and well-balanced song.

Rates depend song by song, let's get in touch for a quote!


I do offer discounts per amount of songs in project as a whole too!


Final process bringing all songs to an equal line-level, and is adjusted accordingly to provide final tracks that translate evenly from platform to platform and space to space.

$50/song with a discount per song.


2% off overall mastering price per song. Null after 12, that's up to 24% off!


To schedule a session or get a quote please fill out my contact form