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(prize·​fight·​er | prīz-ˌfī-tər) 

"You turn away, the colors all fade from rosy reds to shades of gray.
From wax to wane, with each passing phase empty eyes too afraid."

It's sweet-nothing lyrics like this and the visceral blend of alt rock genres that make up the sounds of PRIZEFIGHTER and give it the feel of being both nostalgic and brand new at the same time. The songs are extremely raw, and as powerful as they are vulnerable. Painting each their own soundscapes utilizing elements of driving post-hardcore, high energy pop punk, and melodic shoegaze noise all with a modern nu-grunge twist. The lyrics are anthemic, flowing poetry telling of self-destruction and misanthropy with heartfelt moments contained in strict rhyme schemes.

Fans are saying;

“Sounds like Misser and Nothing had a band sound love child and I’m here for it.”

Balance & Composure mixed with Moving Mountains - screams reminiscent of Hawthorne Heights and Alesana

“Feels like a blend of Youth-era Citizen, Oso Oso and Teenage Wrist.”

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Music video teaser, releasing 12/21

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The Debut Single & Music Video for 'Empty Eyes'    Single Release 12/17/21 & Video release 12/21/21!

Music should make you feel something, after all it is an expression, a release of emotion itself. PRIZEFIGHTER embodies this with a cathartic debut single meant to be screamed along to titled; 'Empty Eyes'. It tells a story of love and desire of an unyielding obligation embodied by the sun and moon's daily gravitational dance. It is an exploration of the inner mechanisms of sole member and producer; Zach Zyla, and his creative consciousness as he sings of what pulls him and creates his own tides. Fusing beautiful poetry with vocal talent, technical performances with engineering know-how, and a passion for creating music PRIZEFIGHTER is proud to announce their first single, 'Empty Eyes' off of their debut album 'Somewhere Between Here & There'

Please enjoy Empty Eyes below exclusively before its release date of 12/21/21

Track NameArtist Name
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A Story Steeped in Sound

PRIZEFIGHTER is the solo project of musician and audio engineer, Zachary Zyla. After a few years of producing records and defining others’ sound in and around the New England area, Zach spent the better half of 2021 creating his own. What was described as “4-5 in sync bandmates that really know what they’re doing”; PRIZEFIGHTER is actually entirely self-made by the same two hands. Taking DIY to a new level and wearing all the hats, Zach not only wrote all of the songs, but recorded all the parts, mixed, mastered the songs and planned the release of them. Including self shooting and editing the music video for the debut single 'Empty Eyes'!

Growing up in the woodsy Granite state of New Hampshire, Zach always had a passion for music and was heavily influenced by the sounds of his hometown scene. Eventually playing in a handful of bands ranging from indie rock to progressive metal to pop punk and more, he fell in love with writing music. Constantly ending in the producer role of each project, Zach later took a heavier interest in engineering and production, eventually earning a degree in Audio Engineering from Full Sail University, as well as many intersnhips and side gigs. Growing and learning until he opened his own studio, Zach Zyla Audio in 2016, and continues to help shape artists sound and records.

PRIZEFIGHTER was never meant to see the light of day, but only as a means of "blowing off steam" in a fun creative outlet for Zach. He didn't realize the potency in his writing until he was urged by others that he was keeping something to himself that could make an impact on more. Now with this single, and a debut album following, PRIZEFIGHTER is eager to share what they've made and are already working on the next project!